Litter Lees Time Capsule

1st January 2015

Litter LeeAbout a year ago, I created Litter Lee the doll as a friend to help recycle my scraps through out the week. He’s been keeping a lot of little scraps and just shared some of them that he’s been having a hard time letting go of since we left San Francisco.

litter_lees_loot + adoption certificate of a record I saved from Amoeba   + gum that lost flavor the fastest   + a bobby pin/ house key alternative   + Wel Come toothpicks we picked up while leaving a restaurant on our anniversary dinner   + a nice note from a visiting friend


Art Baseling

14th December 2014

DSC_7139 copy

I’ve always wondered what Art Basel was, but was never willing to cough up the money to fly to FLORIDA, rent a car, find a hotel, and roam around Miami just to find out that it may be nothing more than a series of random objects placed under presentation lights to be called “conceptual art” and sold for more money than I’ve paid in collected years of living in a New York apartment.

Luckily, a perk of living in Disney World, is that I am a mere 4 hours away from Art Basel. Thats only 4 incredible episodes of Serial and 3/4th a tank of gas away from home! I was lucky enough to have Alex in town visiting me, so when I got off of work on Friday and came home to him painting and it sparked the question “What do you want to do tonight? Should we go get some BBQ and watch The Babadook at home, or drive to Miami and see what an Art Basel is?” We bounced around that half formed conversation that couples seem to do when being together is more important than whatever atmosphere they’re together in do and said “I’m up for whatever you want to do” in all the different ways it could be said before I cut the conversation short to shove a dress and a pillow into my overnight bag, and said “lets go to Miami!”

I’m so glad we took that short drive down to the Wynwood district because it the most inspiring thing I’ve seen in a long time. Street art on every wall, people dressed in summer clothes in budding season of winter, and amazing food (by food, I think I mean Panther coffee. So much Panther coffee).

We walked up and down the streets of Wynwood for 7 hours before gathering enough inspiration to make that 4 hour drive home seem way too long. All we wanted to do is get back to our hub of gauche paints, wood panels, photoshop software, and camera equipment and start creating!

Heres a couple of shots I got from our trip. I’m already planning out how I’m going to shoot it next year, now that I have a feel for it. Any volunteers are open to apply to help me out, a.s.a.p. :)

DSC_6986 copy DSC_6987 copy DSC_6988 copy DSC_6990 copy DSC_6992 copy DSC_6993 copy DSC_7053 copy DSC_7134 copy DSC_7163 copy DSC_7180 copy DSC_7181 copy DSC_7190 copy DSC_7204 copy DSC_7208 copyDSC_7189 copyDSC_7213 copy DSC_7222 copy DSC_7231 copy DSC_7240 copy DSC_7249 copy DSC_7251 copy DSC_7256 copy DSC_7262 copy DSC_7263 copy DSC_7269 copy DSC_7273 copy DSC_7276 copy DSC_7281 copy DSC_7283 copy DSC_7285 copy DSC_7289 copy DSC_7297 copy DSC_7321 copy DSC_7326 copy DSC_7338 copy


Star Struck and Shot

21st July 2014

GrumpsSince I’ve stared my job at Yellow Shoes, I’ve been able to shoot some fun well knowns. I love watching how excited everyone reacts to meeting the childhood favorites that we all grew up with. I still get a little star struck every time I look off in the distance and I see Mickey Mouse in that classic tux walking toward me to get his photo taken.

Katygrande Joe Morton


Above are some shots I’ve taken of some of my favorite creative characters in all the land!


1st July 2014

oreo 2

Oreo and I worked together on a super fun project as part of their welcoming to Tumblr! They gave me creative freedom to invent a new way to eat Oreos, and I was elated to make smores indoors.

Whether you have agoraphobia or are trying to cope with a rained out camping trip, indoor camping can be a super fun activity!

Gather all of your house plants

chop up your empty paper towel rolls (a.k.a. bundle of wood)

drag your christmas lights out of storage

pitch your tent and grab some Oreos to make your own fun cookie camping creations!
oreo 1oreo 3 oreo 4


I’m part of the Mickey Mouse Club!

23rd June 2014


From time to time I’ll look to my blog for a photo or to remember where in the timeline of my life something has happened. It makes me sad to see that it has just stopped at the beginning of this year, which is now half over and has been full of massive life changes.

The biggest one being my move to working full time as a photographer for Yellow Shoes which is Disneys creative advertisement team! I was relocated to the south back in April, where I practically live in a cluster of parks run by my favorite mouse.

friendsimiss Before I left the Bay Area, my favorite burger place allowed my favorite mice in to wish me luck and say good bye. I remember this day as one of the most heart warming days of my life. I’m lucky to have been surrounded by so many unique people at the same time.

boyfriendsAnd lets not even get into how much my heart shrivels up being so far from these two! Luckily, this furry family of dudes have been really supportive so it helps to not feel guilty about moving across the country with most of our joint belongings, rather suddenly.florida bound

I had the longest 5 hour flight of my life, when I left San Francisco. I looked out the window as the plane took off and hovered me over the cities I felt like I had just started to get to know. I tried following the highway vein until the clouds became to dense too look down anymore and I did everything I could to not make my heart not feel so heavy. Thats right. I watched The Birdcage on my iPad ALOT. No self sufficient woman can cry when Nathan Lane is acting like such a lady!

The feeling on the flight, and that of the following couple of weeks, was a lot like the feeling that I got when I originally left New York. It feels like a difficult and confusing break up where no one did anything wrong, but there was just something saying that its time to separate for who-knows-how-long. So you leave scilently trying not to cry because theres not a specific thing to attribute the crying to. Then you watch the city move on without you though photos and movies that are unavoidable, gut wrenchingly showing off places that remind you of happy times together, until it becomes a little easier to view as you discover the little things that make you happy in your new town! Because, much like with human break ups, its not the place you miss as much as the idea of it and the memories you’ve made there. I love the memories I have of the bay area and I’m excited to create new memories in my new and completely different town!

officespaceMy first day at my first cloth walled office, I made the shyest introduction to my co workers. I’ve since come out of my shell a bit more, and have been making office redecorating plans. After all, gray stuff is best enjoyed when a candle stick tells you to try it because its delicious.

I don’t spent too much time indoors. Most of my days are spent outside of my office where I’m constantly encouraged to explore Disney World, try shooting from different places, and thinking up fun ideas to go out and document! The downside is that I have to keep all of these projects top secret, even after I see photos I’ve taken floating around the internet. Its odd how I’ve used social media as a way to build a relationship with corporate jobs and now that I have one, oh well.


I’m still able to show off the colors and adventures and people near me in my day to day outside of work, though! Back in the bay, I had spent a lot of time focusing my maternal instincts toward Harvey the pup. Readjusting to life without him means that every time I want something to nurture and watch grow, I stroll around the farmers market picking out plants to add to my tiny jungle! Tiny jungle is quickly becoming my favorite hang out spot since I’ve been here.


I don’t know too much about the area I live in yet, because I’ve just started settling into my new house and job. So far my best friend is a 5 year old and she doesn’t go on many adventures with me due to bed time restrictions. Although, I miss the friends and family I’ve made in San Francisco horribly, I’m looking forward to this new chapter, along with what adventures, lessons, and projects it’ll inspire.

Now that I’m all caught up, I wan’t to start focusing on new creative endeavors and silly photos from my adventures! I can’t wait to start filling up these clickable pages again


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