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22nd June 2009

clockspaceMy friend Erin was inspired by my apartment photos to go around and take some of her own. I was inspired by my friend Erins post about it, to make a post of my own.

My entire loft is a work in progress, since my room mate and I are rarely home enough without jet-lag and and train rage to work on it, but my main concern was having a room of my own to come home to. Not some sort of studio apartment inside an apartment, but a room where I could shut my door to find solitarily and calmness.

Even with dead bolts on bedroom doors in the past, this is something I just couldn’t seem achieve.

I originally wanted a crazy color combination, intense hanging shelves, and a custom-made extra high bed post with bookcase storage underneath. Basically taking everything I’ve absorbed from my collection of Ready Made magazines, and spewing it into a 9×12 inch space.

Then I collected myself and remembered a few important details about my room.

  • it wasn’t the largest space to be able to hang things and make it not appear claustrophobic-ly small
  • I am fortunate to have an entire wall window with no tall building opposite of me. Which means bright light all day long.
  • there’s a unique wall that divides my door from the rest of the room. Creating a hallway as well as a extra unexpected nook  of space in my room.
  • and that no matter what, despite the amazing hardwood floors, I had already planned on buying a very specific area shag rug, so everything would have to be revolved around that carpeted area.

I ended up deciding that keeping it minimal was the wise adult choice.

paint teamSo I assembled a team to help paint the walls gray. Fearful that a gray with a blue tint may be depressing for a bedroom, I brought Bee (the hair colorist) with me to choose a warm tint of gray (New Hope Gray, was the appropriate winner). And although ‘team’ is a true statement, it really doesn’t give my friend Smo enough credit to how much he helped me during the past couple of months of moving around.

  • Carrying 50 lb boxes down narrow staircases so that I didn’t mess with my fractured wrist
  • Riding his bike to the hardware store in the rain when I miscalculated my supplies
  • Coming straight from air guitar competitions in Philly to move furniture
  • Nearly dying from several falling accidents
  • Midnight painting motivation through Manowar

humI woke up the morning after the main painting was done to figure out what that final color wall would be.

This was around the time that I posted this entry.

buggedThen I just said fuck it to color and embraced the color that every decorator, mother, and raver fears.

blackIt did make the space feel tight for a minute. But after painting the wooden frame of an ikea mirror black and using it to reflect sun as if it were another window, turning two wooden dressers given to me by my upstairs neighbors into chalkboards, and laying essential items in contrasting colors against it, I think it came out pretty nice.


It also draws attention to my awesome toy television.

finger hook 1

This Fantomas screen print may be the only belonging in pink that I really love. It pops out but isn’t obnoxiously girlie. I also toyed with the idea of putting a thin shelf in my doorway, to drop my keys onto, since I loose everything within seconds of getting home. But a shelf is just too much to see when walking right into a room. And I hate the look of open nails for hanging. It reminds me of a dorm. So I used these finger hooks that I bought with the original intention of using as kitchen cabinet handles in my old apartment. Their subtle and kind of odd.

As for the light switch, I lazily taped it off during painting with the intention of replacing it with a silver plate, but ended up really liking its non-symmetrical look.

bag hook

It also works well for holding my ridiculously oversized bag.

flowersI’ve never been a huge fan of flowers as a cop out for showing affection, but I do like keeping a few of them by my window since my view is very industrial and has no visible trees (but it does have a peaking view of the Empire State Building which I LOVE)

The amazing little side table was a ‘free trash’ find.


This fluffy rug is the most amazing thing I’ve ever bought. Before it, I spent a little over $100 for the Ikea shag rug. It was horrible. It became instantly dirty and impossible to clean. For a month I though my dog was ripping fluff out of more chew toys than she had, before realizing that it was just the rug shedding throughout the house. For the extra $100 bucks, this rug is easy to vacuum, a joy to roll around on, never sheds, and Home Depot delivered it straight from the internet to my door.

Usually carpeting makes a room seem smaller, but because the color was so light, it actually opened up the room a lot.

p.s. The awesome mystical zebra ring is from a very cute little lady who runs Schmutzerland.

wiresThe other thing I love about having a wall to wall area rug is that I can run cords through out my entire room so that I can do unbelievably lazy things, like run a dvd player from my bed and charge my phone from any corner of the room that I choose. I  never have to see the messy cords involved in this because the muppet rug eats them up!nookAll the extra technology gets tucked into this heavy 1960s Italian wooden cone that came from a thrift store in Boca Raton, FL  for 5 bucks.

plain I hate overhead lighting, so I have multiple small table lights throughout the room. I’ve taken one of my photo light stands and replaced its 500 watt bulb with a 60 watt bulb, and use that if I need to light the whole room. It works well because its extremely adjustable, intrusive, less of a pain when I need to set up for shooting something, and it keeps the feeling of being in a loft space.

boo So although it may just be a room. Plain looking at a glance, I think it has it’s own personality. I was told it looks like a posh hotel suite. I guess its appropriate since I’ve absorbed most of my design inspiration from the nicer places we stayed during my tour life.

pre room roomI thought this post my be getting boring, so I put in a little Richard.

My room mate now only refers to me as Bob . Although I fancy it, I wish he would stop going through my personal files.

mrs villa

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13 thoughts on “Mrs. Bob Villa

  1. :: smo ::

    striking fear into the hearts of ravers since 2009? i’m guessing long before that!

    your apartment looks so awesome it makes me want to hurl. all over it. and mess it up. so it doesn’t look as awesome.

    i think i have room envy.

  2. monkeyKing

    Bob and Norm showed us how to hang ductwork and install windows. They never showed us how to do cool shit like making a tight black wall look good.

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  4. Jacquelynn Demski

    I think I first came across your blog via a link on Twitter.. I truly fancy the stuff I have read on your website and plan to keep reading when I find more time. Do you have a Twitter account?


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