Black Eyes and Black Coffee.

1st October 2009

Saturday night I left work early to run home for my camera and shoot Rorschach downtown. It was an amazing show that I got to be a part of.

Then I went straight from there to a DIY venue in Brooklyn to shoot These Arms Are Snakes. The fan base was such a stark contrast but  the show was just as crazy in a completely different way that I still can’t pin point.

Rorschach, Ted Leo, and Celebrity Murders, New York, NY. Photos by Chloe Rice

I came home and drank 4 cups of black coffee while editing. Around 7am I looked in the mirror for the first time to notice not only the bags UNDER my eye, but also the one on it.

Black eyes and black coffee are indications of a night well spent.

blackeye A reminder of my weekend and cheap alternative to eyeshadow.

The photos from that night are posted on

These Arms Are Snakes, Brooklyn, NY. Photos by Chloe Rice

See the articles and more photohere and here

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10 thoughts on “Black Eyes and Black Coffee.

  1. !

    the battle of insomnia takes place in my house also.
    insomnia is great sometimes.its peacefull at night.
    i cant hear noone running around outside. lol!

  2. Olivia

    Is it difficult to keep your camera and equipment safe during these kinds of shows?

    Or is that how you got the black eye? Fighting off crazies? haha

    1. ohChloe

      I’d rather get the shot than spare my camera of a fixable dent or two. Its the threat of water that I can’t handle.
      Not sure at what point the black eye occurred, although I do believe it was most likely due to someone landing on me

  3. :: smo ::

    this show sounds fucking awesome! my back still hurts from having so many crowdsurfers land on my head at 7 seconds but i would have been all about this anyway! i’m hoping to not be broke by the time municipal waste comes around and i’m hoping you’re in charge of the photos!

    i’m wicked amped that you took pictures for brooklyn vegan again! i’m glad they keep asking you to do stuff!!!


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