21 thoughts on “Chinchilla Dicks

  1. Camille

    omg u made ma laugh so hard :)

    (Yeah hi i was just passing by, i love your photos, and blah blah blah, im just a girl from paris who wrote u a boring message about your hair on myspace like 10 000 years ago)

    Anyway, u seem like an awesome person, and if u ever come to paris, tell meee i’ll show u around. Wishing u a happy life, thanks for making me laugh, cheers !

  2. !

    grover! ha! that guy actually showed you his genitals! i see how one could not be serious on those kind of things. very funny! i use to mess with people also, but no cameras where involved. its so fun!

  3. Booth83

    That guy has a small penis, you gotta be careful, you can run into all kinds of weirdos on the interwebs.

    I sure….YOU, know all about that;)

  4. TC

    Above places you so far into the coolest person ever area, it bears no discussion. Screw the brain filter.

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