Phagwa not Foie Gras

13th March 2010

Gala, Krysti, and I welcomed spring by traveling out to the end of Queens, walked in a parade as the only snowflakes in the area, and got smothered in a sea of colorful talcum powders.

It was to celebrate Holi. An Indian word that translates to “festival of color”

The community would come up and cover you with these powder and water guns full of dyed water, and say “Happy Phagwa”

Due to my bad memory, I remembered the pronunciation of Phagwa, by thinking of one of my favorite meat treats, foie gras. mmmmm

Anyway, it was pretty fantastic adventure. The day became more amusing as we ventured further away from the parade and closer to Manhattan.

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14 thoughts on “Phagwa not Foie Gras

  1. San Smith

    awww that Krysti story is too cute. I can totally see her doing that! I was reading about Phagwa the other day – it seems like it would be really awesome to experience.

    1. ohChloe

      I almost went up an hugged one of them while covered in color, before Gala told me there was a huuuuge rule about how touching them would get you arrested

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  3. Dusk

    Hello…found my way to you via Gala…your photos are magic! Your ‘eye’…oh my God… you are amazing.

    I’m Indian and I absolutely love Holi, not just for its exuberant celebrations bit also for the spiritual aspect… we wear white clothes to represent the ‘blank canvas’ we are born as…and then the colours fill us with vibrancy…with life. I wear colour every day because of the symbolic representation.

    The throwing of the coloured powders was traditionally of medicinal benefit! The traditional equivalent of throwing around panadol!

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