Rainin’ Blood

27th April 2010

During the past couple of gloomy days, I stayed cooped up, listened to one of my favorite metal albums (Reign in Blood by Slayer), and got crafty!

Some results of my metal induced furry are for sale on my Etsy shop, I Felt That.

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14 thoughts on “Rainin’ Blood

  1. !

    i like “slayer” and gizmo. this reminds me of both! rainin blood album is good!

  2. Rog

    I used to listen to Reign in Blood and South of Heaven on my dicsman, in the bleachers at PE class in the 9th grade, while reading my well thumbed copy of the Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology. Ahh, the good times.

  3. tripp wrex

    wow am i reminded of the days when i was in school listening to ”cradle of filth” while roaming the halls cause i was late for class then sitting in the back of the class with the rest of us metal heads making fun of the preppy girls and boys.i never would’ve guessed that you are into slayer


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