Rick Moranis Day

25th April 2010

Today I had big plans to ride my bike, go to the beach, and play in the park. Unfortunately, the rain has ruined these childlike plans leaving me at home remembering how much I used to like the movies featuring retired Canadian comedian, Rick Moranis.

So, today I declare is Rick Moranis day!

It is my dedicated to watching Rick Moranis movies and sewing like a Singer.

if you have instant Netflix, you can sorta partake in Rick Moranis day, too!

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17 thoughts on “Rick Moranis Day

  1. :: smo ::

    i watched my blue heaven a couple days ago, but i believe i have the little shop of horrors dvd somewhere, i’ll break it out in his honor…hopefully strange brew is still on ‘the quaid’ too!

  2. Stephanie Mansueto

    I just added Little Shop of Horrors to my instant queue the other day… The girls and I are going to watch that and Howard the Duck this week…. Another one to add to your instant queue is Strange Brew! Have fun.

  3. TheCaptainHowdy10

    Ah little shop of horrors! Being a diabetic and all I’ve named my glucometer after Audrey 2. Here here to having a Happy Rick Moranis Day

  4. JC

    I grew up on Rick too!
    I don’t think a movie he made in the 80′s escaped my attention.
    It’s depressing though, to see the circumstances under which he chose to step away from acting. Would have liked to see him reprise his role in the upcoming Ghostbusters 3.

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    1. ohChloe

      Its true! The dance they do it that movie is timeless.
      I had no idea the McKenzies did commercials up until this videos further suggestions.

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