4th May 2010

Every so often I feel the need to jot down things that make me smile and really enjoy life. Its becoming nice to have a little timeline of them growing. I can look back and see how what was cheering me up then, has simply stuck with with me!

Heres a current list of things that I love:

  • The fact that the JFK Jet Blue terminal has a soda fountain! I get to mix as many sugary flavors as I want, hop into my window seat, and see how long I can go without peeing myself.
  • Bees flirt video
  • “I’m enjoying this Punk Rock/Domestic Goddess thing you are working recently.” -Frank
  • Vegetarian Wednesday inspired by this post on Salt and Fat.

photo by Chloe Rice

  • Frolicking around the financial district with Gala, who after years of friendship, we always seem to find more things we have in common than we thought. Like a mutual loathe for cats and bananas. It was also funny to find out that she calls salad dressing, sauce…..as in salad sauce.
  • Cowboy Steak: steak seasoned with coffee grounds, brown sugar, salt, and pepper
  • Wearing high heels to the grocery store

400 Blows


  • When portraits I’ve taken show up on Facebook in a row, like so.
  • Challenging myself to wear a dress for everyday of May.
  • Drawing a monster a day in my sketch book.
  • Sewing custom dolls for full-grown kids.

photo by Chloe Rice

  • Adorably dressed children, like Brixton (above)
  • Making my bed first thing, every morning. Its such a little thing that makes such a big difference when you walk into a room.
  • Finding out little household hits. Like, the water from boiled eggs contains minerals that can be beneficial for your plants. Or that a candle could be helpful while sewing.
  • Spending weekends traveling, to be completely out of my element.

  • Cat eye glasses from Cutler and Gross.
  • Crafting for a full on care package project with Bea!
  • Finally getting paid for these photos to document that I’ve sold out bought in.
  • Those animal crackers that are drowned in pink and white icing.
  • Waking up and reading a book in a hoodie and under-roos, from the balcony of my new bedroom.

self-portrait. May 2010

  • Experimenting with Photoshop and Tripods.
  • My new hair that Bee gave me for my birthday.
  • otters. Oh cute little otters!
  • Onesy pajamas!!!
  • Riding my bike over the Willamsburg Bridge for a doughnut.
  • Having a friend that will spot me for a doughnut after $20 bucks goes flying out of my pocket some where along the bike path.
    Mascara Wars by Irving Penn
  • Extreme Beauty in Vouge. A book of unique shots from Vouges most panty dropping photographers.
  • Steve Martin. He’s always been my comfort character. I wish he was my dad.
  • These well done storage solutions.
  • The Crass documentary: There’s No Authority but Yourself.
  • Movie quote nostalgia:

  • Chatroulette living room hangs with friends
  • iPad…

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9 thoughts on “ohJoy!!!!

  1. Laura

    I love Crass and Penny is a fine example of how I’d like to be when I’m old. Little punk rockers coming from across the world to sit at my feet and hear stories about how I fooled the CIA, the KGB and MI5 with clever audio editing and all.

    I hate that song almost as much as I hate velvet.

    I’ll gladly be your sweet confections fairy. And I am not ashamed to say I plan on wearing a replica of suspender baby’s outfit.

    Have fun being wild-haired and out of your element =)

  2. :: smo ::

    these posts always make me smile and make me think i should talk more about stuff i like than stuff that pisses me off!

    my friend regan and her rad 4 year old jonas visited last weekend and he would tell me i had till the count of ten to:


    on tour i met a crazy dude with “you’re killin me smalls” tattooed in the “gangsta” font across his stomach.

    enjoy your:


    1. ohChloe

      WHAT!? I was seriously just talking to someone about getting a Smalls tattoo! probably on the ankle of tattoo failure though. not the stomach

      You SHOULD make a positive list! Its a lot more challenging than the list of things to hate.


  3. TC

    Digging the self-portaiture. Can’t really picture the high heeled version of OhChloe.

    I would like to see the daily monsters.


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