2nd July 2010

  • Batali has a Meatless Monday dish at all 14 of his restaurants.
  • Fireworks being set off indoors.
  • Spitting off historical cartoon facts when asked to talk about something I love for a seamless 60 seconds.

wearing socks into dive bars

  • Who You Gonna Call? (especially the guy 0:55 seconds into the video) I believe I was walking down the street with Krysti when we passed them on their way to film this. Oh, if only we had followed them.
  • The minimal design of the Digital Holga camera
  • Watching a random episode of Lost while having someone try to fill me in, as it goes. It was a bit like having a personal Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  • two cute!
  • The Brothers Bloom. All the details about it were so well done. The wardrobe, the sets, the soundtrack, Bang Bang, the ending.
  • “I don’t know about “truths.” A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells, the less you know.”
  • the spine bracelet.
  • “I’m too sad to kill you, today”
  • Band shirt care packages from New York





Taking photos from the car as we drive from San Francisco to LA on the 101 Highway, listening to Television

  • Books on Shirt.
  • Dancing in the middle of my office when I start getting tired, mid day
  • This Gorillaz commercial. Hey Damon, What with the cute outfit choice and  why isn’t Hewlett wearing it?

  • Having someone who can sense when I’m down and surprise me with a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts, black coffee, and a collectors edition Takashi Miike film, when I wake up
  • Brits trying to impersonate my American accent.
  • Not having access to my iPhone for several weeks.

creative ways to create cause awareness. Like this one for Campaign Against Land Mines.

“…and I have learned to live, as it were, with the idea that I will never find peace and happiness, either. But as long as I know there’s a pretty good chance I can get my hands on either one of them every once in a while, I do the best I can between high spots.”

Hunter S. Thompson

  • Growing a gardenia plant on my balcony
  • Having a very caring friend send me my favorite coffee from New York
  • this photo I took of Randi

I like this song…maybe I don’t. I haven’t been able to tell for the three weeks its been stuck in my head. Here are some musical gems that I am positive that my ears find appealing:

Roy:[humming] We don’t need no education.
Moss:Yes you do, you’ve just used a double negative.

-the IT Crowd

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11 thoughts on “ohJoy!

  1. JC

    That was highly concentrated.

    I could only find myself selectively identifying with the Hunter S. Thompson quote because I’ve always admired his frame(less?) of mind, and The 20-minute workout revisted because I’ve always been a pervert.

    Sometimes, you’re just too much amazing.

  2. Frank

    The Holga Digital! Wow, thanks for posting this. I have to see it makes me very happy as well. We should both get them and have photo contests. This would be prefect down here in Mexico.

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  4. TC

    Holga D, I have lust for it. And Bad Brains, Attitude, makes me happy every time.

    I’m adding Balkan Beatbox, even though it’s your list.

  5. :: smo ::

    it seems like you’re doing pretty damn well out there! but that won’t stop me from posting songs like this on your website to try and get you to come back east!


  6. Katie

    Ahh I was just listening to that Paint it Black cover by Laforet.. so good. Have a listen to Veronique Sanson if you haven’t heard. The Hollywood album especially.

  7. Laura

    Glad to see you are enjoying your time on the lesser coast (I kid, I kid). I would just like to join in the love for band t-shirts and how happy to discover Out of Print Clothing’s existence.

    Let me know when you get back. I fixed my bike and am gainfully employed. Let’s hit the town and finish off the days watching Breaking Bad, my friend (I am purposely avoiding watching any episodes until your return).


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