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Llamas. Poodles. Dentists!

23rd September 2010

I know you’re supposed to think puppies are adorable. To be honest though, I wasn’t crazy about my poodle Charlie when she was nothing more that a shitting crying tiny ball of fluff but the more she grows up, the cuter I think she looks. This could be because she has a slight llama quality to her.


I think Charlie and I should recreate this video.

Photos of Charlie by Chloe Rice

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2 thoughts on “Llamas. Poodles. Dentists!

  1. Olivia

    Good god I remember that Sesame Street skit. Somehow it seemed less weird and out of place when I was a kid. Now I just look at it and say, “wow, I ENJOYED this stuff?”

  2. amy

    wow…i thought i was the the only person in the world who still remembered that skit, sung by what can only be described as a female randy newman. wow.

    “me and my llama, me and my llama, yes it’s just my llama and meeee…”


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