Rest In Peace, 2010.

30th December 2010

This year was filled with things have permanently impacted my life. I never want to forget them. Heres a list of a few highlights:

  • My new Kitchenaid mixer
  • CANs Ege Bamyasi album
  • Learning about gardening
  • My weekend at Skate camp
  • Meeting my dad
  • Charlie, the pup
  • Discovering the shortest route to JFK by train
  • The clone tool, in Photoshop
  • Cowboy steak (steak marinated with coffee grounds, brown sugar, salt, and pepper)
  • The TWO times that chocolate almost killed my dog.
  • Northeast Kingdom brunches
  • Learning how to harvest marijuana
  • Valentines Day.
  • Learning to make my own jewlery
  • My kangaroo suit, that I got for my birthday (thanks mom!)
  • 5 hour long lunches on Tuesdays, with Bee.
  • Poaching eggs in tomato sauce
  • Learning that if you layer lipstick with powder, then another coat of lipstick, it’ll last much longer
  • Living room hang outs with James, on Chatroulette
  • Smoov-e
  • Hitting rocks that made unusual sounds

  • Learning how to edit videos
  • Ginger dipped in dark chocolate
  • Fracturing a rib, during a Mothers of Mercy/ Blacklisted show
  • Owning a chinchilla for a few months
  • Learning how to shuck oysters
  • Always getting a motivational push from Bettina May
  • Learning how to operate shot guts, handguns, and assault riffles
  • Working in a bakery
  • Creating the ShitJamesSaid twitter account
  • My trip to Ellicott City, MD
  • Not wearing pants at all for over a month
  • learning how to make royal icing
  • Knitting/ craft night failures with Sam
  • Finding the easiest way to clean a handheld blender
  • Eliminating boys who flirt by call me “tough guy” or “kid”, from my life.
  • Getting to see The Specials play, thanks to Smo.
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Going from the bar to the Today Show with Courtney
  • Phadwa
  • My dorky love for Veronica Mars
  • My introduction to Black Cat Espresso

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4 thoughts on “Rest In Peace, 2010.

  1. Frank

    That’s a whole lot of linkage! It must have taken FOREVER.

    Seems like you had a pretty good year. Maybe one day you will share the story about meeting your Dad. That sounds like a life changing experience.

    There are now also lots of pictures of you in your underwear on the internet. I imagine that will generate more hits for your blog than if I was to do the same thing. Although, I did buy some new jeans yesterday that are pretty fetching.

    It has been fun following your exploits and getting to know you. I hope 2011 is even better than 2010 seems to have been.

    I am going to put together a 2010 retrospective for my blog as well, but I seriously doubt it will be as exuberant or detailed. After all, I have a big New Years Eve dinner to cook tomorrow.

    Thanks for sharing all of this. It’s been a fun year.

    1. ohChloe

      It took a few hours. Flickr has a calendar that maps what month I uploaded things. I’m going to take better care of my Flickr account this year, so its less of a mess at the end.
      I bet a series of self portraits in your uncles jacket may generate some hits.
      It has been a nice year of budding internet friendship, with you, Frank
      Your end of the year posts came out fantastic and reeeeeally made me want a good steak

  2. Isa

    Damn girl. This is one of the best restrospectives I have ever seen.
    What I like about your blog and your photography is, that you seem to love life so much. And you are never afraid to do unusual, weird stuff… Never change and grow up.


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