Make Monday: Black Hearted

31st January 2011

February means the saddest excuse for a holiday, is upon us. Valentines day. If your heart is as jaded as mine, then perhaps you will enjoy my craft project for this Make Monday. A little black heart pin for you or one of your mutually bitter single friends.

you’ll need:

  • a saftey pin
  • black felt
  • scissors
  • pins
  • embrodery floss
  • sewing needle
  • stuffing

start by cutting two identical hearts out of felt.

pull the string though one heartanchor the string with a knotsew part of the safety pin to the heart, starting with the circle part

don’t bother cutting the stringpin the second piece of felt¬†sew them togetherbefore closing it, fill it with some stuffingstitch it up and give it to someone you love, despite Valentines Day.

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11 thoughts on “Make Monday: Black Hearted

  1. hitchhiked

    Ha, what a coincidence– I made one of these last month. Except it was red.These are so damn cool, though, that I think it’s time to buy some black felt…


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