Fashion Whaaak

16th February 2011

I always forget about Fashion Week until I get on the train around Bryant Park, and suddenly feel far more underdressed than usual.

All of the girls with massive chunks of fabric that seem to orbit around the, coats of makeup so thick that you can no longer see their skin, and teeeeeny tiny waists are suddenly surrounding me.

Lady, the face you’re making doesn’t help the argument of that thing around you is NOT just a huge fart bubble

I could gag at the things that pass as fashionable.

Did we learn nothing from the Jackson 5, outside of the bitchin’ music?!

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2 thoughts on “Fashion Whaaak

  1. monkeyKing

    She’s really dressed as a candy weeble. You can tell by the freshness wrapper around her head. Its from Cadbury’s spring collection.

  2. !

    that picture with the girl, the suit…what in the world?…thats very funny! its like a sumo suit!
    what a lovely jackson 5 video!


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