Food Paparazzi

25th February 2011

Every Sunday that I spend in Los Angeles, usually starts off at the Hollywood Farmers market. Its the largest and most reasonably priced hub for fresh fruits, vegetables, and handmade crafts, I’ve ever seen.

Its the place where all the local chefs,  moms, and actors go for their weekly groceries. The closest I’ve ever gotten to seeing what Jake Gyllenhaal looks like first thing in the morning, is when he was groping a  fresh peach next to me, at 8am the other week.

I am always amazed at their selection and kindness. So many organic vendors with towers of bright green asparagus and a sea of massive garlic heads.  It really makes you forget that its still winter.  Going to the farmers market not only a cheap and fulfilling adventure, but its usually a fairly educational one. The people selling the products are usually the people who grow them, so they know everything about what their selling and are usually really happy to answer questions without making you feel dumb.

Thanks to the farmers market, I have learned:

  • elephant garlic is actually more of an onion than a garlic
  • how to shuck an oyster with a paring knife
  • how to prepare zucchini blossoms (lightly fried with a panko crumbs is my favorite)
  • orange tomatoes taste the same but are less acidic
  • Alicia Silverstone has a thing for flirting with the guy who sells her baguettes, every week

I took some photos of my farmers market adventure, from last Sunday. Think of it as a visual escape from your present snowy lives. Unless you live in the southern hemisphere. Then I imagine this seems pretty dull to you.

All photos taken by Chloe Rice

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7 thoughts on “Food Paparazzi

  1. Mary

    Oh my god. I am so jealous. The farmers markets here don’t open till at least April (except for the shitty one in the mall parking lot). And most of them around here don’t have half the amazing stuff that one has. I need to move to California.

  2. Frank

    Beautiful and delicious. I love squash blossoms stuffed with soft mexican cheese and other tasty bits. Really nice food shots Chloe. I’m super, extra jealous.


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