18th February 2011

.I skimmed through my Flickr contacts the other day, and came across this photo of a girl hunched over her camera. The photo was intriguing. Was this taken at a party? Why is she on the damn floor? The way she’s sitting, it looks like she could be laughing…or perhaps crying? I added it to my “favorites” on Flickr.

After being interviewed by my sublet, Molly, I was shocked to see that the photo was of me. Molly has a unique eye and a creative mind. Shes been doing a lot of inspiring little things, since shes been here. One, being her idea to interview artist she knew. She recently sat me down and asked me a couple of questions.

You can read the full article here.

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3 thoughts on “Interviewed.

  1. !

    there should be no reason for her to be crying… that hunched over girl is great! she has a lot. she is special.i read that girls interview it was great!about the tour she did, from what i heard on the dvd of that tour when she got interviewed, i was hooked, i knew that girl had something great inside of her , when i got the priviledge to meet her, i felt that it was true, she does have something special inside she emits that greatness in reality too. i have never felt that before…life is great!

  2. Samuel Barber

    No longer can I be infatuated with the idea of time and reason taking an interest in my life. All to often I have sat here and dreamed that a day would come. A day when all those times I dealt with the pain and pushed for a positive outcome and some sort of selfless joy would return ten fold, but I understand that this is life. Nothing is ever guaranted to be returned in full or even partially. We, or should I say I, in my own right mind do this, not because I want repayment, but there is a deeper part of my soul that I cannot control. It is what makes me keep breathing everyday, I wake to this addiction and I roll out of bed. I put socks on my feet and the shoes over those. I have the clothes on my back and I walk out that door. I walk to the waiting sunlight that burns my eyes.
    What is justice and is it really ever swift or do us Americans make that up? Do we distribute this idea to the masses and are society that lives in make believe. I tell you there have been a thousand times that I have wanted to stop dreaming. I wanted to walk out that door and the sunlight to be gone. The people, the problems, the hate, the discontent, and the chemical imbalance we call love. I wanted it all to be over, past, present , and future. Thoughts, worries, concerns, I wanted all of them to go away. The grandest of scemes is the death of all things.
    …… I’m glad your not vegan and the picture of your smile is great.


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