Make Monday: ohPodcast!

14th February 2011

Photo from my attempt to spread love through the city with balloons, last Valentines Day.

Other than the increased odds of catching my favorite guilty pleasure movie on tv, my favorite part of Valentines day is the excuse to spend hours rummaging through my music for love songs (or breakup songs, depending on the timing). To stay up with the times, this year, I cracked open Garageband and made my first ever podcast.

Things included in this podcast:

  • Banter about Ike and Tina Turner
  • Love songs written for temperamental people
  • A really bad British accent. Like, really bad….I wouldn’t even call it British.
  • The tone of my voice at 4am
  • Brontosaurus wailing sounds
  • Useless facts about Hallmark and Gang of Four
  • an explanation of why I’m including a link to download this Valentines Day card from the Simpsons

Things NOT included in this podcast:

  • a box of chocolates
  • seamlessly smooth edits
  • bad music

Download my podcast here!

p.s. If someone who has published a podcast, can help me figure out how to get an rss feed for this file, i would really appreciate it…

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11 thoughts on “Make Monday: ohPodcast!

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  2. !

    i remember that past valentines day post,did you get inspiration from the taking of pelham 123? someone pointed that out to me if a hijacking was taking was sad. anyway,i liked your podcast very much, at the begining it was beautiful ,but got extremely sad at the end. that very low song at the very end was sad. so i guess this was balanced, maybe.the when harry met saly vid was nice. your voice is nice ,if you mean your voice sounded a little bad when you say its a 4 a.m. voice, then there is nothing 4 a.m. about it. if 4 a.m. is beautiful then its totally a 4 a.m. voice.your british voice accent is good too!your kind of a smooth talker… great post have a great valentines day and have fun with what you plan to do. your my valentine, even though maybe you dont want to be…

  3. Jorge D

    I loved it!Cool tracks! I love listening to new music even if technically it isn’t new. More Talking Heads on the next one.

  4. Samuel Barber

    Damn you, why can’t you leave me be. Just let me indulge in my own vices of groveling and self pity. Your excentric tastes and all to real love for those things that are different, such as expression, warmth, happiness, and dancing. These things, these wonderful things, they plot and destroy. When you have such ideas of creativity and deliberate thoughts, then you take action with these ideas, spilling forth bubbly beats and the desire of shuffling feet, it’s death. It’s a smile on the face, and a laugh in the dark. It’s not perfect, but it’s you, and it’s enough to get the point across. Hope you had a good Valentines day. Thanks P.S. It makes me laugh when people call it V day, it makes me think Vagina day.


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