10th February 2011

the absurdly bright red wall I pass on my way to the train, every day.

rescuing more plants than I know what to do with

instant results


buy back drinks from Max Fish

this visual list of 1960′s Japanese cartoons

extra long shoe laces

leaving situations I don’t want to be in

seeing my reflection, unexpectedlyfacebook, for reminding me of a very different time in life

making mountains appear in flat urban areas

laughing out loud in public

aj’s impromptu drawing sessionsthe vent to my sidewalk that blows warm air that smells like fresh laundryflowers that bloom and die at the same time friends who’s jobs involve picking noses.

light houses. This one in Ohio may be my favorite one.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Himitsu no Akko-chan
  • David Bowies Hunky Dory album. According to iTunes, I’ve listened to “Oh! You Pretty Things” 22 times this week.
  • thick yet soft bed sheets
  • layovers in Atlanta
  • drinking papaya juice and watching people get drenched in the cold rain
  • my grandma for always worrying about me, no matter how silly the situation
  • watching people stumble into moving walkways, in airports
  • this photo that Molly Burkett took of me
  • learning something new and being up until dawn exploring its possibilities
  • flying out of Laguardia airport, and seeing a birds eye view of the entire city
  • Bottle Rocket “They’ll never catch me, man… because I’m fucking innocent”

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15 thoughts on “ohJoy

  1. Samuel Barber

    I’m liking the new set-up, being able to leave a comment is great. I don’t like the fact that I can’t remain anonymous, I’m thinking the reason for this is that it takes care of the crazies.Problem is, everyone is crazy, and they all have there many reasons.
    Your blog is so innocent and bright, I think maybe it helps to change a point of view. The other day I was walking to school. It was early in the morning and the path to get there runs along the river. There was snow on the ground and it was rather cold, but bright. Steam was rising up from the river as I gazed down upon it, and the ducks swam along barely visible. The ducks where in the heart of something wonderful and beautiful, with not a care in the world. I thought to myself that would make a wonderful picture for you to take. Yet again later that evening on the walk home. I was thinking about my dogs and was concerned that they where stuck in the house all day. I happened to look up out of my thoughts and was awe stuck. The trees along the river had parted and the river was below me, the city and all the homes with people warm inside where off in the distance. Great billowing clouds of world destruction rose up from the power plant. Churning into the sky reflecting light of purple, blue, red, and orange. The sun was setting and it was casting it’s beauty across the earth one last time as if to say goodnite. It was quite awesome and I thought that would make a wonderful picture. So even if I must sometimes question the idea of someone loving life this much, with my cyinical brain. Your blog does help to see things in a different light which all art is suppost to do.

    1. admin

      I almost want to go back JUST for this tour. Any time I’ve been there, I haven’t been much farther than the Masquerade and little 5 points

    1. admin

      I was helping break down a trade show where the live plants were used as props. It was cold in there, with not one ounce of natural light. They hadn’t been watered all week. The workers were disposing of the plants by just tossing them up against a side of a wall by their leaves.
      So I grabbed a box, and took as many of them as I could, home. :)

  2. Laura

    Here, here for rescuing plants! If you ever feel too overwhelmed, I’ll gladly foster them for you.

    I miss laughing aloud in public. Damn my friends for being scattered all over the globe.

    1. admin

      you should take some! I have orchids, that have lost their flowers but are still alive. I didn’t get to go on my trip, so I’m still around

  3. Rog

    If you like Atlanta, about the best time in this fair city is Dragon*Con (www.dragoncon.com) over Labor day weekend. It’s a 4-day 24-7 party with 40,000 costumed of the coolest fanbois and girls from all over.


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