ohJoy! The Los Angeles edition

24th February 2011

I’m updating from Los Angeles! So things that I love, would have to include being able to wear dresses, while my friends in New York are stuck in the snow. Is that mean? It seems like it may be a little bit mean…..

Heres a list of things I love about life, right now:

Pretending to travel places. Although the airlines didn’t let me onto my flight to Thailand, I had a Thai adventure by getting a Thai massage, eating thai food, and walking through Ko Samui via google earth.

talking typewriters!

Tiny cabbage on a stick. Thanks for the meal/ vicious clubbing device, nature.

shoes that my my feet look dainty

A thick foam on a latte.

Fruit that looks like balls

Making magic happen with the help of my computer

Fresh fruit all throughout winter

My photography being used for James’ gallery example

Finding The Clashes cover of one of my favorite songs, Pressure Drop, on vinyl at Amoeba Records.

these grocery bags by Makr. (photo from Makrs website)

Enzo Mari’s designs

Honorable mentions:

  • Homemade Cheez-its
  • Instagram (my name on it is ohChloe)
  • Episodes. Watched the entire season in a day. Something about seeing other realistic people trying to deal with being in LA, is comforting.
  • having old sitcom theme songs stuck in my head
  • wearing big hoodies and warm socks on a rainy day
  • driving cars that are made for super heros
  • sushi nights

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9 thoughts on “ohJoy! The Los Angeles edition

  1. Jorge D.

    That was my first time hearing the original track. I’ve only heard The Clash’s version. I like it! Thanks for posting it. I love hearing new tracks.

  2. !

    calironia means your close.i guess new york is a little bit mean, i guess.im really sad for you not being able to go to thailand, dont worry you can pretend to go there.i can relate to your little typewriter…i like your feet, they are pretty! nice latte.your very good at magic, you little sneaky you.i like your pics of fruit from the grove! amoeba is very fun!keep having joy , please!


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