17th February 2011


Walking my valentine

Watching Stephen Graham play Al Capone on Boardwalk Empire. Sooo dreamy

brutal babies

making .gif images on my photon with the Gemini app

Tall Dwarves, for inspiring other good musicians like Neutral Milk Hotel to exist

Nevermind The Buzzcocks, which I just found out was produced by Mark Ronson!

Honorable mentions:

  • people who still call me Otter
  • knee high socks
  • California weather
  • gracious telephone operators
  • the color turquoise

I didn’t take very many photos this week, which disappoints me and makes me feel like I need to try MUCH harder next week.

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6 thoughts on “ohJoy!

  1. Laura

    Turquoise and teal should hold hands and take over the world.

    California weather sounds nice, but NYC is amazing today. My bike and are enjoying the hell out of this glimpse of Spring.

  2. Samuel Barber

    If you could bear with me, and let me speak unabated by the lies of this supposed great society I would tell you of a thing. A thing so rich and so powerful that to hear it upon your ears would turn you blind. Making the greenest eyes turn gray. Filling your pupils with darkness, your mind and your thoughts with darkness. There is a sound that lies in this place and it is the sound of your voice. The sound of a lone figure withdrawing from herself and putting sweet lips into motion. Heavenly echos rising from an all to warm depth, rising through the chambers. Brushing across the tongue and swirling around the teeth. The final rush exhausting into the air to be loosed upon the world. Making the strongest of men take flight and the hardest of hearts to spring forth life, Like the sprouting of a seed when the warm sunlight is just right. If only heaven would last forever rather than become a thing talked about and wished upon. There is sweetness on this earth, there is beauty in this chaos, there is mystery in this world, there is warmth in the darkest depths.

    1. Samuel Barber

      After I so selfishlly, posted a writing to return the favor for all the art. I relized that I needed to ask about your blog for the day. What does the song mean to you? Also, is that you saying you use google, or is that pulled from something?

  3. !

    awe… your little valentine.i wish i could walk with my valentine…i think i want to watch that stephen grahm movie..the asian dude, thats probably something with boba in it right? those boba balls delicious.you ARE the otter!those telephone operators can be very nice sometimes.thats my favorite color!those knee high socks do look nice on you.cant wait to see those pics!


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