Norwegian Lovers!

25th March 2011

.Over Valentines day, I posted flyers all over New York and invited everyone to continue doing the same. I was SO happy to hear that my flyers made it to the amazing photographer Trine-Lise (and her partner in crime) all the way over in Oslo!!!

Aren’t they amazing?!

Her photography is amazing and I am SO happy to share them with you! If you’re able to download a .TIF file (or have a keen sense of design to make some of your own) then you should print out some flyers of your own and join us!

all photos by Trine-Lise Henriksen

5 thoughts on “Norwegian Lovers!

  1. monkeyKing

    hey that reminds me… regarding your veeday podcast. What is the cartoony music playing in the background while you were talking tween Gang of Four and Wire?

  2. isa

    Do you still update your formspring? You wrote some hilarious answers but you seem to have forgotten about it….


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