17th March 2011

things tucked away, neatly

My friend Danny and his concern for me being on the West Coast. “Please take a trip back to New York before the radiation hits you and you become a Glowy Chloe”

Working out to the point of muscle atrophy, followed by some time in a tub of warm water

Being compared to otters

all of my homies for being so supportive of my lifes decisions and giving me awkward hugs when I cry

Riding the subway again. I didn’t realize how much I missed this prime people watching area.

little kids in onesies

Drawing on paper scraps

the “J” index of my phone contacts

  • This Bret Easton Ellis article on Charlie Sheen
  • My tax guy and his father-like involvement in my personal life
  • Holding the door open for strangers, and having them say “thank you”
  • Watching my friends hit on girls
  • Lavender soap
  • Late night grilled cheese sandwich parties
  • Being able to fall asleep on airplanes
  • Mega nerds
  • Mix cds

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8 thoughts on “ohJoy!

  1. Jorge D

    I guess I haven’t paid much attention before but otters look pretty cute. That HAS to be one of the comparisons!

  2. monkeyKing

    YES to working out, holding the door open, grill cheese sandwiches and being able to sleep on planes. I watched Ferris Bueller a couple weeks ago and laughed at the police station scene. Two Thumbs Up. Glowy Chloe sounds like a good saturday morning cartoon. Some have recently tagged me with the nickname Otter. I don’t know why and am too shy to ask. (please excuse the randomness of the comments. i’m well rested w/ too much caffiene. my thoughts are currently like bouncing pingpong balls.)

    1. its Chloe Post author

      Club Nokia was just irritating in general. I’ve never heard of V.I.P. not being able to get you into the general admission pit. I’ll be back there in May!

      1. Cutter

        No shit, my irritation was somewhat more self involved, ie. multiple eyebrowless ex girlfriends and 12 dollar shots of Jameson’s. Not to mention the security guy grabbing my nuts when I entered. May is great, we shall drink many shots in hollywood! My birthday party is on may 14th is you wish to see me at my worst.


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