24th March 2011

A damsel in distress

James’ token “mad dog” face

people who can balance all the weight on their shoulders

and make me laugh when it is the furthest thing from my mind

my perfectly good old shirt finding its perfectly good new owner

using new words with Skillit!

alternatives to handshakes

Classic charms that make me forget about bad days.

Pokemon shaped birthday cakes! (made by Genavieve White)


Plucking the essential things I love and playing material life Tetris with it.

Girl Scout cookie season!

Getting rid of things

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18 thoughts on “ohJoy!

  1. Frank

    My friend Lizzie IMed me earlier and asked if you were from Louisiana and somehow she had missed a cool, interesting, underwear dancing girl growing up in our midst. I had to let her down. How long did it take to do that video? Did you just do it in iMovie or something fancier?

    1. its Chloe Post author

      haha! Sorry, Lizzie.
      The video took me about 2 hours, from start to finish. I just used iMovie. I’m afraid my computer would go awol if I started using a heavy program like Final Cut.

      1. Frank

        As is the case with most of the stuff on your blog, it is cute, fun and seems to convey your personality very clearly. And who doesn’t like underwear dancing!


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