The New Standard

6th March 2011

My favorite kind of music covers have been jazzy renditions of pop music. Maybe its a nostalgia thing, since listening to my moms radio station meant hearing every song I knew being turned into a smooth jazz train wreck or perhaps I’m just sick of voices overpowering perfectly lovely music.

Either way, I feel like its been such a refreshing change of pace. Heres some brilliant bands that I’ve recently had on repeat.

I enjoy the Chad Lawson Trio version more, but couldn’t link a video.

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6 thoughts on “The New Standard

  1. JC

    As much as I appreciate your sense of nostalgia derived from only the finest eclectic collection of music, I still wish you shared with us your taste in tits on Tuesdays. Are those days forgotten?
    I leave with you a unique taste of future nostalgia by Mr. Dirty Beaches – his album drops sometime this month, but it’s as if it existed for 60 years already.

  2. Jorge D

    I had my iPod on shuffle and your “veeday” podcast came up. Any plans for more? The tracks were pretty sweet.


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