26th May 2011

Heres a little list of photos I’ve taken and things that I love about life, lately:

minimal PDA between people I love
Jumping in front of dead peoples houses‘ and have it not be completely disrespectful

Playing the role of an otter to crack open my lunch! (photo by Sean Seanson)

Deceivingly delicious foods

Coincidental photographs

Listening to my music loudly

Taking a stressful day, compressing it into a short list, and using it for a fun game of Madlibs

Laying on long grass and shaking off that mysterious grass itch, when you get up

Drinking while being submerged in water

unlikely camouflage

Sitting under a sea of tiny bubbles with a mask and a snorkel on

When a weekend involves a combination of mimosa and polaroids

Having a copilot for long drives instead of a common passenger

Eerily similar yearbook photos

two toned nails
Adventures to Spahn Ranch (photo by Radeo)
Being cheered up though the assistance of good friends, wireless internet, and children’s toys
roller coasters

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