Men Are From Mars, Men Are From Venus

26th June 2011

Dearest Mitch and Cam,

I’m sure that you’ve heard the news that New York has legalized gay marriage. Isn’t that exciting?!

Although I am living in Los Angeles, much like you guys, I’m a very proud New Yorker at the moment! Now, I know that you only exist through television, but you are my favorite gay couple and if the passed prop convinces you to go up to New York to take the plunge, then please allow me to accompany you, show you the sites, and arrange the entire ceremony.

Today is the gay pride parade in the city and by being in California, I’m missing out on taking some really amazing photos. Don’t let me miss the chance to take some amazing wedding photos, as well.

your friend,


This letter was addressed to the characters in ABC’s program Modern Family.

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