oh Joy! (the I’m-Way-Behind edition)

30th June 2011

Sometimes, I just feel like everything in life is going horribly wrong. Then, I’ll look back on photos, drawing, ticket stubs, videos, and I’m quickly reminded that its not so bad. I haven’t shared one of these lists in weeks, but I’m bringing it back as a reminder that i don’t need to get so down on myself. These are the things in life that matter and make me happy:

drawing with friends outside on nice days

clouds that form like polka dots

Roaming through dollar stores

sitting on ledges

Tall people jumping! It looks like someone set loose a wacky-waving-inflatable-arm-man

Ice cream from the cone, on hot days

Hug attacks! You know, when someone runs up and hugs you before you have time to react?

being high up in the mountain during the sunset

Amoeba records

walkingThe Griffith Observatory. (photo by Matt Novak)

going to small shows in unusual places

letting things go instead of taking them to heart

Milkshakes. Particularly the rocket shake from Swingers. (chocolate ice cream, a shot of espresso, and ground coffee beans)leaving secret notes

when things in real life are comparable to cartoons

saving paper in resourceful ways

talking to ominous looking gentlemen in the middle of the night

bringing my imaginary friends out to lunch

Eyebrow whiskers.

Quesadillas! Its like a mexican grilled cheese sandwich.

surprisingly large suitcases

Belated birthday adventures at Disneyland

sitting in the grass

Thing in odd places. This whale appears to be in a jungle

being flashed by coffee

Buying  new reading glasses along side a new book.

always having hot sauce in my purse. (illustration by Jim Mahfood)

Dancing badly

Other honorable mentions:

  • When my phone replaces something as sad as the term “passed on” with “lasagna”
  • ear buds that stay in my ears
  • Going to In n Out and asking for “the finest hats you have, kind sir”
  • Pilot razor point pens
  • Sitting in church yards with a bottle of Jameson, talking and loosing concept of time
  • Places that serve drinks with crushed ice
  • Sarah Vowels voice
  • Soy angeleno from Intelligentsia
  • “I would girlfriend the fuck out of you”
  • Cheers on Netflix
  • Shellac: Terraform
  • Bars that serve popcorn

All photos by Chloe Rice, unless otherwise noted

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16 thoughts on “oh Joy! (the I’m-Way-Behind edition)

  1. !

    you have a interesting life.this is a nice time of the year,and next time you will make another good post like this one.for sure.

  2. Molly B

    last night i came across photobooth videos we made (seven minutes worth) of us at 3am on untold amounts of dark dark coffee speaking in new jersey accents about sewing mittens and shit. i laughed my ass off. i miss you!

    i’ve been down and out myself and i think it is largely because I haven’t been documenting // blogging // making memories. carrying a camera reminds you how beautiful the little things in life are i think. thanks for posting this it makes me want to start making my thankyou lists again, and reminding myself that even when overall life is a big shitty question mark, the moments that make it up are pretty gawwwgeous.

  3. Julia

    Ha, you made me laugh out loud, your friend is dancing like a zombie! And I´ve sooo waited for more “oh joy” (and ps: i think i also own that hoodie you´re wearing in the first pic and the video, it´s from the comfiest fabric ever :)

  4. Steph

    It looks like life is grand!! There’s ALWAYS something to smile about and you, miss, have a lot of somethings

  5. Yelena

    I love your phone cover! Where did you find it:?
    Found your blog via Gala’s and I love it, all the color and silliness make me happy! :)


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