The One For Me, Fatty

16th June 2011

Family Portrait at EJs in New York

A few months back, my stick thin friend AJ and I began a cruel joke. Calling each other fat. There was songs, pinched cheeks, and chubby jokes thrown around daily.

It got to the point where he would show up to where we worked, with breakfast for me. A thoughtful gesture to an unassuming outsider. An evil tempting trick, to us. I would slowly chew on half of a delicious doughnut while giving a toothy grinning AJ my most intense death stare.

I just spent two weeks with AJ visiting me in Los Angeles. The goal was to try to prove to him that it wasn’t as horrible as his east coast mind thought it was. I thought of all my favorite places I could show him around to. The thing is, other than Amoeba and the park that I walk around in, all I was left with was a list of my favorite diners and restaurants.

AJ’s vacation soon became an extension of my end of the fat jokes. Payback for the endless breakfast that fueled my days, back in New York.

Feeding Fase

I began to document all of the places we were going for meals. He began to catch on. We found the humor in this ongoing joke and I’m glad I have photos to prove it.

There’s something about having a meal with AJ that seems to open up the flood gates of deep conversations. A bowl of grits and a cup of coffee was typically accompanied with a personal therapy session, a page or two filled in a sketch book, and collaborative ideas for how to remain creative while affording to live.

Just two starving artist, bonding over fat jokes and a medium rare burger.

I took AJ to the airport this morning at an hour too early to make him grab breakfast with me. I didn’t see the point in getting eating alone so its back to my lonely days of coffee and cartoons until next time I see him.

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