Before You Migrate To Google+…

14th July 2011

So, I recently submitted this photo to Chrome to win a new camera and a Chrome bag and I could use some help. Its a vote based contest on Facebook, so before you cancel your account for Google+, perhaps you could “like” my photo on this page.

If I win, I’ll post use the video function of my new camera to thank everyone while a slew of naked girls with small puppies dance behind me.

That must appeal to everyone, right?

Heres how it works!

Clicking here, gets you to the page

Click on the “this is my city” album

Scroll down until you see this photo of Gala splashed in color, say to yourself “goddamn, I love that photo!”, and “like” it….please?

I’d like to think I could win but this photo still has far more votes than mine.

My friend won something from Chrome for hula hooping and chugging a beer. Maybe I didn’t submit something mindless enough.

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15 thoughts on “Before You Migrate To Google+…

  1. Laura

    I don’t have facebook so I can’t “like” it (though I like like it), but I promise to cross my fingers really hard. Does that count?


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