Doodle Artist

9th July 2011

On my most recent flight, I discovered my OCD love of drawing spirals. I opened my journal, and drew out one…then ten.. then I just kept drawing them into one of the only things I know how to draw from memory. A mushroom cloud.
Retrospectively,  it may have been the wrong choice of things to draw on an airplane in mid-flight, but I’m much prouder of that little doodle than I would have been of my other choice. Which would have probably been something pretty neat, like a cat or a ying yang symbol.

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11 thoughts on “Doodle Artist

  1. James Johnson

    Thank God it wasn’t a ying yang symbol or bloody cat. I think the irony in the whole thing is fuckin great. Pretty colors with simple desruction. Question though, it’s filed under love life? Is it a repesentation of that, or maybe art is your love in life?

  2. !

    deja vu! nice drawing,when on the bus years ago a young lady was doing the same exact thing! drawing with little spirals , that incident got stuck in my brain .

  3. Jorge D

    I did the same with skulls once. Not all detailed, but more like the cartoony kind. Don’t know what happend to it.


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