Not So Terrible Tuesday

12th July 2011

It seems that people dread Mondays and deal with a mid week struggle of Wednesdays, but lets be honest. Tuesday is the real worst day of the week. Its the day that is simply there to remind you that you’re not even half way to the weekend.

I’ve decided that I’m going to have a fantastic Tuesday, despite the fact that I haven’t gotten a wink of sleep since the weekend and all odds are against me. I’ve decided I’m going to wear a summery dress, walk to all the places I need to go taking photos along the way, and listen to the mixes I made last night.

You can listen to them too, and set a mood for you’re day, as well!

Download Volume 1

Download Volume 2

all photos by Chloe Rice

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9 thoughts on “Not So Terrible Tuesday

  1. chelsea

    Chloe is so cool thinking about it makes my left arm hurt. I mean she’s THAT cool. I dont even think with my left arm, I cant even explain it. Maybe I just slept on it weird. . . idk. I’m gonna blame it on Chloe being cool though.

  2. Jorge D

    You are so right about tuesdays. They suck. It’s our busiest day so at least it’s over quick. Gonna check the mixes out when I get home.

      1. Jorge D

        I’m so stoked you dig your CD! I’ll definitely make another if you want. Excellent job on the mixes. Going on the second play! I’m lovin’ the Television Personalities & Shop Assistants tracks.


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