OhJoy!!! The coast-crossing edition

7th July 2011

I start off this list by informing fellow summer participants of the very obvious. Its hot outside. I got to New York the other day, to be reminded of the humid east coast summers. The weather is trying to take advantage of me, and its working. Its as if I got off the plane to receive a big wet sweaty hug from nature, and two days later its got me striped down to my lady clothes hoping that if I stare at the fan for long enough, the speed will magically increase.

The sick part is that I love this. The humid summers are the reason my friends and I can sit at the park and watch girls in mini skirts jump rope until their underwear is fully exposed for a mid-air second. They are the cause for the most refreshing freezing cold showers that I find myself craving 3 times a day. They’re the excuse for semi-necessary stop at ice cream trucks.

Living in Florida for some of my childhood, I have a slight immunity to this kind of heat. I don’t seem to sweat quite as much as the people around me. I like to think that summer has given me an anti-sweating superpower.

So basically what I’m saying is that I love New York in the summertime because it makes me feel like a superhero….yea. Thats about right.

Heres some other things I love:

real life killer B’s!

tiny well contained fires

tiny well contained deserts

utter slaughtering of knock knock jokes

friends that make you go from sad to glad

simplified messages

Los Angeles creek views. Compared to some places, its nice.

Fases silly faces

a perfect stack of pancakes

when people opt for glasses over contacts.

Watching free movies in the park

the Mary Blair exhibit in Disneyland

Colin Newmans dancing skills

being reunited with Charlie!

Walks so long that they baffle Google

walking barefoot! (congratulations to Matt for capturing the illusive barefooted otter-woman in the wild)

The term Jerkface

playing dress up in the middle of the day

This city. I love this city more than ham.

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9 thoughts on “OhJoy!!! The coast-crossing edition

    1. James Johnson

      Is that a dead wet dog in the LA river pic? Oh joy, life would be just great, if only I could bring myself to listen to Bob Marley, ” I’m Hurting Inside” (rare acoustic) on you tube.

  1. Jorge D

    Even though I’m not from NY, I have to say that last shot is so rad. It’s a pretty sweet shot! I have to visit there soon!

  2. !

    withstanding humidity very good skill! my armpits sweat like no tomorrow.nice creek view. thats the first i have seen of your feet like that , nice feet and foot action..very nice fireworks pic.i love free movies.no sadness please, you got a great life.

  3. Islandia Perry

    first time by your blog – I love it! great set of photos of the things you love right now and especially loving that one of the city view skyline and firworks. Gorgeous.

  4. Jordan

    Oh my, all of these lovely pictures. I got to see my little brothers on the 4th of July and my dad. We went up to his roof and saw all the cool explosions. New York is in the middle of a heat wave, but I still manage to smile on occasion. Thanks for upping my spirits, if only for a short time. This city still loves you: stop by any time.


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