Skate or Dye

8th July 2011

I didn’t take this photo. It was just the least offensive one I could find. Thanks, Tumblr.

You know what I ejoy? Tie dye.

Yep. I LOVE tie dye. Not because it seems to be a come-back fashion statement, but because its just a fun art project with no deeper meaning to it.  It’s a quick satisfaction to wrap cloth into rubber bands, dip it in colors, and unraveling a result. Throwing a plate when you’re mad may have the same effect of instant gratification, but some may argue that one is far less acceptable than the other.

This is the same reason I was a the Warhol of Spin Top markers, as a kid. It didn’t look good, but it was fun and had an instant and contained yet controllable result.

I know its impossible to find something that is quite as exciting as tie dye and spin top markers, but this skateboarding video comes pretty close, I guess.

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