A Fly On The Wall at the House of Off The Wall

31st August 2011

House of Vans in Greenpoint Brooklyn is a fairly new venue/ skatepark that had been putting on free shows, through out the summer. A few weeks back, Against Me! played along side Tokyo Police Club, Japanther, and something called Big Freedia.

I went and took some shots of the space during sound check.

Asking what this weird knobby thing, turned Jay, from Against Me, into a toootal nerd for about 2 minutes. Let me completely butcher the way he explained what it does.

Ahem…Apparently, you attach the bottom side of this torque knob to the screws along the side of the drum head and turn it until the arrow is lined up with the number that you want your drum head to be tightened to. I believe his were roughly between 20 & 25.

We took turns twisting the thing over each of the screws, and although it serves no purpose in my life, it was kind of fun to use.

Weak turn out, eh?

Big Freedia was the oddest group there, to say the least. The entire show was pretty swell, though!

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3 thoughts on “A Fly On The Wall at the House of Off The Wall

  1. stephanie

    Man, I use to love Against Me soo much.. well I still love them, but I’m just not a big fan of their new stuff. These pictures are so crisp and vibrant. What kind of lens did you use?


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