8 thoughts on “Can’t Stand Ya

  1. JC

    You must have known what my mind would be absorbing Sunday.
    I never watched Seinfeld, but I do watch CYE.
    And I suppose it’s interesting to know derivatives of a character.
    But doesn’t Larry, as he plays himself, to to greater lengths than his beta counterpart?
    I mean, we are also talking cable vs. regular network, so things were automatically more restricted given those guidelines.
    Would Seinfeld have ever tackled the big vagina issue…? doubtful

  2. waitwhat

    I loved that episode of CYE where everyone kept telling Larry what an asshole loser George is, not realizing that he’s based on Larry and that Larry actually likes him. Then he’d get all pissed and fight about it with Jason Alexander who may or may not be playing himself while the real Larry is playing a more georgish version of himself, arguing with the guy who plays George about whether or not George and therefore Larry is an asshole. That scene was more meta than Inception which is exactly why you shouldn’t watch Curb without having watched Seinfeld.

    Anyway, I too relate to George instead of Larry. Mainly because he’s more neurotic and because unlike Larry, he’s broke and doesn’t have a hot wife.

  3. Corrine

    ”The jerk store called… they’re running out of YOU!” ”What’s the difference? You’re their all-time best seller!”

    Oh, GEORGE. L-o-v-e him!

  4. Jordan

    George is supposed to be agitated because of his personal life. Larry is just an asshole. If I want to see an asshole on a show, I’ll watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It’s way funnier than Curb Your Enthusiasm, although it is tough to draw comparisons to Seinfeld.


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