Goodnight Irene

29th August 2011

Orlando, FL; Central Park, NY

Welp, walking outside was actually quite pleasant, the day after Hurricane Irene. I didn’t even bother taking photos of my neighborhood but heres some lovely landscapes I’ve taken photos of in the past!

Spahn Ranch in Los Angeles, CA

New York, NY

Marthas Vineyard, MA;  Sydney, AUS

Los Angeles, CA (Polaroid 600 Film)

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3 thoughts on “Goodnight Irene

  1. Laura

    Post-hurricane weather is the best. A continuous, fresh breeze and cool temperatures.

    I remember that crazy bubbly sunset; you photo does it justice. And you make Martha’s Vineyard look downright eerie.

  2. Sonja

    Hey I think those clouds are named cumulus mammatus, I saw a tv thing on that a while ago ! It happens when hot air is coming up in a cold cloudy air, or something like that :)


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