I Continue to Exist!

23rd August 2011

My portfolio has been down for the month. It was a sad and stressfull month over at Oh Chloe HQ. ¬†Actually not so sad. I’m off topicIts back up!

ohChloe.com is back up and functioning as my portfolio.

Do you like how it looks?

Do you hate how it looks?

Do you think theres any photos I should add to it?

Is it running too slow?

Feel free to leave a comment or email me: itsChloe@gmail.com

I also have a Facebook page, if you’re a supporter of my photography then like me? Add me? become a fan of me?

I obviously still have a bit to learn about this page-less book.

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5 thoughts on “I Continue to Exist!

  1. hitchhiked

    I like it. It’d be cool if some of your concert photos were closer to the beginning of your portfolio, because their energy and movement and general fantastic-ness would serve as a great introduction to the rest of the portfolio, i.e.: “This photo is fucking awesome. Keep scrolling to see more fucking awesome photos.” Or something :P

  2. Laura

    I’m a huge fan of your bright/colorful background portraits and think you should have a section on your website dedicated to them. Because they’re awesome. And because you’re awesome. Let’s have pie sometime.

  3. Frank

    Well, I think your photos look very good!
    And the ohchloe site looks ok, very minimalistic, I really like that.
    It’s very sloooooow to open, don’t like that (had to wait 3 √† 4 minutes). I don’t like the horizontal scrolling, it is annoying, really! And when I click a photo, I have to wait 30sec, too slow. And then I click on the little photo, see what happens, I’m curious (I think you should say before that, when you click, it opens a larger version, not the next photo), too slow. When I click on ‘more photos’, I have to wait 40sec to download the new page. And when I clicked back, I gave up, it is still loading .. and then I got a fault page, cannot load, and so on……
    I think I’m a normal person, very calm even. But I think most other people will not look at your site a long time, maybe a few photos, and then they’re gone.
    I hope you don’t mind my honest opinion, being nice does not make your site run faster :) Or better..


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