Nice Weather We’re Having

27th August 2011

Hurricane Irene is about to make her way into New York City. I realized this when I saw that very authoritative hot pink tape decided to stop me, and many other New Yorkers from going into the subway. While speaking to my mother this morning, we had an extremely casual conversation about it.

Mother: “Seems like people are really freaking out on the news. Did you stock up on….what ever you need?”

Me: “I got a lot of water but I really just plan on watching Breakfast at Tiffanys and if the power goes out, I’m just going to take a sleeping pill and wake up when its light out.”

Mother: “Oh good. You should try to make it down to the wine shop before its too late.”

Keep in mind, we lived in Florida where hurricanes were a very common occurrence. We lived through an El Nino!

It was a relief to find that affirmation of humor. Its been days of hearing the increased¬†annoyance in Mayor Bloomberg’s voice during hours of press conferences on the news, and seeing the unbelievably long and panic stricken lines at every open grocery store in town.

I live on the 16th floor of an apartment building and looking out the window this morning was like looking directly into a cloud. It. Was. Awesome.

I went downstairs to venture around which was a bit eerie, in a way. This area never deals with hurricanes and because of it, I don’t think they know how to. Everywhere I go and every news report I hear makes it seem like the apocalypse is coming.

Nearly all the water has been snatched up from drug stores, and all of the trash cans have been emptied and turned over until the storm passes.

There is no explaining how grossly humid it actually is, as you’re walking down the street. Its like bathing in someones breath.

Nearly every shop decided to close down

Except for my beloved Gray’s Papaya hot dog stand.
Oh Papaya, you are the ultimate New York establishment.

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12 thoughts on “Nice Weather We’re Having

  1. Laura

    There’s something adorable about putting painter’s tape – which is the least sticky tape available – on windows, thus defeating the purpose of putting tape on windows. This whole incident just shows that New York is not nearly as hard as it seems; it’s a big ol’ softy afraid of wind, rain, and a bit of shaking earth. It’s cute.

  2. Jorge D

    I’ve noticed the end of the world like coverage its been getting. It could be living in the Gulf coast my whole life that I sort’ve got used to them. I do hope everything goes well. When Ike hit town a few years ago I was lucky. My apt loss power for only a few hours. My mom’s neighborhood was without power for almost two weeks. Hope it just passes by with little damage.

  3. Johnny

    oh my! i saw the guy with his friend on the vespa today as well! i was walking around grand and broadway when they rode past me. small island, right?

  4. Ivy

    Hot dogs, water, old films, sleeping pills, camera . . . you’re sorted. Even so, I wish you all the best Chloe – take care! X

  5. Elly

    They’ve been portraying it in the media as the the harbinger of doom, basically. It’s hard to know otherwise from over here, but I’m glad to see it’s not all as bad as the media says it is. Glad to see people are still smiling and doing their thing :)

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