Later, Day

5th September 2011

Polaroid from my first beach trip of the summer(May 2011 in Malibu, CA)
Labor Day is such a finalizing holiday. Not only does it have some rude fashion rule over the color white, but it also marks the end of summer. What a bubble bursting holiday.

My contribution of the finalization that today brings, includes 2 things:

1) The final (also the first) “what I wore” outfit:

I don’t partake in these lady-like blog posts about the origins of my outfits because of several reasons. Mainly because I pretty much wear the same thing every day and its not very posh.

(photo credit to Gala Darling)

2) The final summer mix:

This morning, I tried to put together a pleasant mix of upbeat songs have a ‘winding-down’ tone to them.

Download it!

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6 thoughts on “Later, Day

  1. Laura

    I think this is a relevant time to reveal that in my music folder there is one called “Chloe Mixes”. I’m happy to see you made one more to add to the collection.

    Also, in my mind, your summer outfit is called “the undercover stomper”. Yep.


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