Make Monday: A Shady Day Activity

26th September 2011

I recently sat outside of Macys and did some people watching, around sunset. People cast some pretty cute shadows!

Next time you’re sitting around a bundle of pedestrians during sunset, let me suggest a fun activity:

  1. Take photos of shadows
  2. print out the photos
  3. make your very own shadow monsters!

If you’re a total hermit, you could also download these photos that I took and not have to worry about making eye contact with strangers.

Download these photos here.

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5 thoughts on “Make Monday: A Shady Day Activity

  1. Madison James

    This could be the coolest thing I’ve seen thus far today. Thanks for that!!
    P.S. you oughta put some sort of inter-space “whore this out!” button up so I can share your amazingness with my world of inter-space friends!

  2. Tom

    Your cute artwork came to mind after seeing the dinosaurs in (shortly after 2:35), but the context was vastly different. Your shadow art is wonderful (<3 jellyfish!! or octopus?!!). Now I want to try a hybrid between cloud watching and shadow art. Too bad those small shadow casters are few and far between.


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