Oh Joy!

15th September 2011

Getting to see my old friend Ryan and getting to meet Jason!massive lollypops

reading the park benches

Drawing the people I’m with at restaurants; Walking aimlessly

Woody Allen

photo battles

A freshly made bedhow many different hairpin options exist

kidnapping adultshanging out in the trees

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3 thoughts on “Oh Joy!

  1. Lizbet

    I’ve been an admirer or yours for a while now. I adore your photography and am quite jealous of your lifestyle. I dream about doing the things you do. If you don’t mind my asking, what have you done that allows you to travel and explore so often? I feel like in my case it would be basically impossible to afford such things, even though i work full time. How are you able to afford this deliciously adventurous life?



    1. its Chloe Post author

      I do a lot of things that I don’t enjoy, in order to afford doing what I like, I just don’t post about them.
      I feel like some times the things that look most fun in a photo, were done with a free hour between work and running errands.
      When I look back on my life, I’d like to only remember the fun things. :)


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