2nd September 2011

Let me tell ya, trying post on your blog from the wifi that you pick up from sitting on a bus stop bench, is about as difficult & time consuming as it sounds. So although this post should have gone up yesterday, it didn’t. Ooops.

I consider New York City my home. As in, the entire city. The bus stop is my office and the subway is my playground (as shown above). I’ve really loved the past couple of months of traveling and coming back to New York. Here’s some other things that have kept me happy, recently:

Watching my favorite movie, on the beach

Always knowing were my cell phone is

tiny zines

tiny photos

Puffy skirts, for they vaguely remind me of jellyfish!

Starting an armada of robots to abduct my friends for me.

Solid objects that resemble bubbles.

Drawing portraits of friends, with friends.

Having physical proof of my week

always having some type of camera on hand

Photo Booths!!!!

silly postures

Seeing ex-goth kids wear white

The look on the postal workers face as he had to write out my confirmation ticket

piggy back rides!

fresh doughnuts

Looking out of windows during rain storms.

Getting caught in the rain storms.


Wearing silly socks. I make sure to buy new silly socks every time I know I’ll have to go through airport security.

The color combination: red and blue

All photos were taken (and drawn on!) by Chloe Rice

With the exception of the top one & photo booths

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