White Boys Love Hip Hop

14th September 2011

Have you heard of Jay & Tophers hip hop project, yet? Probably not. Its a work in progress, but I felt that getting their promo taken was going to be an inevitable step in the process. So in between a couple of really intense rainstorms, I decided it would be a perfect time to stomp around puddles and get some of those shots squared away.

I loooove taking photos after a rain storm. The cement reflect everything as if it were ice. The overcast is a nice change from the blaring sun that had been following us around all afternoon. Bite me, sunshine.

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3 thoughts on “White Boys Love Hip Hop

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  2. Leigh

    I never thought of the rain in this way. I couldn’t wait to go out and take photos the next time it rained :) It was fun! Love the rainy effect!


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