I Wuz Here.

26th October 2011

This has been my week, in polaroids.

Holding the photos that I’ve taken, after the fact, when they’ve lost all of their context is the most peculiar and exciting part of shooting.

I makes me realize that I find myself in some very unusual places.

Like, right now, I’m typing this from underneath the floorboards of Vincet Prices old mansion.

Thats only half true.

The Price is right…

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3 thoughts on “I Wuz Here.

  1. !

    your pics are nice, the feel i guess.maybe you could cut back on sweets, so that you wont get an ilness, im sure your friends wouldnt want to see you get a treat related health thing.your friends want you good and healthy,so that you can have lots of fun for years to come. just a thought .sorry if this seems bossy.


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