Oh Joy!

13th October 2011

being able to do a back bend!

dedicating a day to utilizing everything on this coffee table

colorful skeletons

black coffee that is refilled before ever seeing the bottom of the cupurchin messages delivered by an uni-corn

flashing the sunPoquito Mas salsa bar rituals

Jeremys love for America

making good use of storage spaces

Learning that cute is the new offensive

Honorable Mentions:

  • tarsiers
  • the existence of this song
  • taking a scenic drive around the In-N-Out drive though without actually ordering.
  • the $1 bin at Target
  • pretending my hands are actually robot claws, and trying to pick things up with joint fingers
  • magically knowing all the words from 90′s songs that I never consciously listened to
  • getting a Spin Doctors shirt…from a Spin Doctors show…in 2011.
  • Nerf gun battles
  • Having someone to pick me up from the airport.

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6 thoughts on “Oh Joy!

  1. Ivy

    My Oh Joy!

    - Seeing the Specials twice in a week
    - The imminent arrival of my friend Pagan Ellie, who I haven’t seen for over a year
    - Long perilous walks in shitty weather through the local countryside
    - The frog that lives under my bin
    - The promise of another Big Freeze this winter
    - The book my A-level pupils are currently studying, which is full of expletives that they are obliged to quote in their assignments
    - The cake rota at work and the fact that my position on it means I get to buy Halloween treats for everybody
    - Going round my parentals’ house empty handed and coming home with freshly baked bread, homegrown tomatoes and a purple Pineapple Dance Studio hoodie
    - ‘Lunasa’ by Karen Elson
    - Making lists


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