1st December 2011

Being early and having your choice of where to sit

Little things that are only personal to you, hidden within something larger Treats that change the color of your tongue

gummi bears (especially the ones covered in chocolate)

House plants that outgrow houses

Finding ways to sneak pets into no-pet establishments

How much more lady-like a little bit of nail polish can make you feel

Seeing a friend I’ve made, mingle with new friends

Saying something that is just total sweet word vomit, to someone you care about, one in a while.

The burger from Northeast Kingdom. Its perfect; Playing cards with my grandma while listening to Glenn Miller; Supermarkets in New York being so cramped that they require special shopping carts; a coffee, tea, and pb&j for breakfast.

Finding time for a break during a ridiculously hectic day to keep your head groundedThis AMAZING painting of how I look when I take photos! (by the most magical marsh, Alex Pardee)

Guys with literal bluebeardsLadies too!

Dropping a Prince reference into everyday life

A Tom Hanks reference is pretty great, too!

Weird people looking curiously at other weird people

Trying to synchronize faces with 3 seconds and no conversation. Photo booths are so silly!

Using poster board outside of bake sales and middle school presentations

Pretending to have the posture of a ballerina

People/animal watching in the park, before it gets too cold to do so

when dogs smile

Honorable Mentions:

  • Wearing clothes right out of the dryer
  • Reserving seats for people you’d like to be at a restaurant with, even when they’re thousands of miles away.
  • Being complemented on my Spin Doctors shirt
  • My new silver and shark earring from Rachels shop
  • Looking forward to December like I did when I still believed in Santa
  • When my friends marry great people
  • Alex’s suggestions and descriptions of instant Netflix movies, for me. Some great examples:
  1. Naked Lunch: If you have ever tried reading William S Buroughs, and SUCCEEDED, then watch this. If not, like me, then put this on in the background if you want to every once in a while go “what the fuck is going on?”
  2. Outbreak: Just watch the first like half hour and then get really scared and move on to another movie.
  3. Weird Science: A documentary about teenagers who make a supermodel on their computer and it comes to life and makes them cool! Wait, it’s not a documentary. I think.
  • The thought of hand turkeys holding hands
  • Unexpected mail
  • Vanilla ice cream with Nutella
  • Being associated with the song Salt Peanuts
  • Having someone call to make me laugh and say good night
  • Watching my dog get increasingly excited right before she breaks the squeaker in a toy
  • Smo for just checking up on me every couple of days and always being there to talk to.
  • When my grandmother acts as my alarm clock/ morning paper by calling my and telling me the weather report for the day
  • Including my grandma in three way phone calls

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6 thoughts on “OhJoy!!!

  1. wazzra

    You inspire me so much, you have no clue!
    Thanks for sharing your view of the world with us, it makes me believe in the power of art and help me put mine out there.

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