Sweet Christmas

25th December 2011

This Christmas I tried making sugar cookies for the first time ever by following a Martha Stewart recipe. I don’t like sugar cookies but I LOVE sprinkles and frosting and playing with my food! I also love playing in snow, which we have none of yet so making the snowmen cookies in the photo above was way fun!

So was seeing the bundle of cookies I made for a friend be used as a loot bag.

Last night, I could hardly sleep because poor Santa got in a dispute below my window around 5am on his way up to my house, that didn’t end so well.

Couldn’t care less though because when I woke up from my cat-hater nap, I remembered that there were already gifts all around my Chris Mouse Tree. I couldn’t be happier about my new five dollar bill, mirrord name card, and Polar-Roid camera.

This Christmas season has been really fun and I can’t wait to start seeing more Christmas trees on the streets in the upcoming weeks!

Happy Holidays!

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