oh Joy! The post fashion week edition

21st February 2012

Photonapped from the awesome Alex Maier

I know that it has come and gone, but I feel like I should probably mention that I loved shooting New York Fashion Week! Yeah, sure I probably slept a total of 10 hours for the week, had minor freak outs over my failing computer and wiped memory cards, and probably looked like a fool when I asked “Whos that?” to several designers that got named dropped to me but whatever!

  • I loved the people who weren’t afraid to wear something utterly absurd with such confidence that it automatically made them look phenomenal.
  • I loved seeing accessories on display for insane amounts of money and trying to think of how I could make it on my own.
  • I loved working with other photographers and seeing how the photos that we both took of the same thing at the same time came out so incredably diffrent.
  • I loved having to push myself to constantly be shooting, editing, and posting 10 times faster than a pace that I’m comfortable with.
  • I loved posting things that I personally loved and seeing a reply to my post from someone who shared the same feeling of material lust.
  • I loved how much the music played on the runway could quickly alter the entire mood of the room.
  • I loved that when I walked a mere couple of blocks away from where the runway shows were taking place, people were going about their business as if they had no idea that there were thousands of people outfitted in decadent and sometimes bizarre clothing, sampling fancy foods, crossing paths with old friends, and pretty much spending a full week as if it were an avant guard take on Halloween.

Heres some other things I loved during my job shooting NYFW:

Trying to guess what kind of heels a girl is wearing based on the galloping sound of her walk

Running outside to bask in the sun and absorbing the comparatively quiet street noises, for the last 10 minutes before it goes down

Shamelessly walking around bare foot when my heels became too painful to deal with.

Cramming as many balloons from after parties, into a cab as I could, while still fitting myself in.

Dancing to this song which seemed to endlessly play, through out the week.

Seeing people using toys as accessories

Finding this little guy protecting my computer while I was running around like a dinosaur with a lack of water supply.

Seeing lots of fun bright colored winter clothes inspired by the street.

and by soap!

Fake bangs and muted nail colors.Using my hands both as decoration and a tool for multi tasking

A trend of oversized gold zippers.

The designers that held hands during their final walks.

seeing tons of soft furry jackets and bright green pants

Getting pampered with reserved seating.

Watching a team of a billion hairdressers transform a girls entire look in less than 5 minutes.

Seeing guys transform themselves with a bit of palmade and a touch of blue

Not being alone on Valentines Day, like I assumed I would.

because my boyfriend flew out from California on a whim to eat cupcakes, play model matchmaker

and act totally ridiculous with me!

Really bold eyebrows and really sheer shirts

Taking photos of very skinny girls pretty much playing dress up all week

Seeing tons of fun nail art

Successfully shooting a show without relying on my flash

Witnessing some naughty things being done in photobooths. (and being caught, myself)

Watching super pretty models transform into super pretty cyborgs.

Staying in a hotel room that gave me the opportunity to moon New York.

Seeing tiny tamed lions living inside purses all over the place.

Spending crazy days Tumbling with these fancy fashionistas

And spending late nights with lovely delinquents

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6 thoughts on “oh Joy! The post fashion week edition

  1. Francine

    I’ve always been scared away from the city during Fashion Week but you definitely made it look awesome. And I gotta get me one of those sheer shirts. I’m gonna be such a trend setter at work.

  2. Johanna

    Oh wow! I loved scrolling through this post. It looks like you had a whole bunch of fun. I live in the Kentucky, the land of sweatpants and real tree camouflage .. fashion week seems so strange and exotic to me.

    Also, Hi. My name in Johanna and I’m pretty stoked on your blog.

  3. Katelyn

    I just wanted to let you know I have fallen in love with your blog site over the past year, I find it so inspirational. I am a Current senior this year and an’ inspiring photographer as well, I just wanted to thank you! Thank you for showing me its ok to do what you love, have fun, and live life. Despite my whole family’s “concerns” for my education I have decided to Major in photography.

    I truly cant thank you enough,your amazing.
    & I cant wait to see what you capture next!


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