Oh Joy!

2nd March 2012

photo by Alex Pardee

During Fashion week, my favorite elevator man would sometimes catch me looking frazzled and ask me what was wrong. I explained to him that nothing was wrong, but I was just so confused by how vast the entire fashion industry was and I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to keep up. He obviously didn’t know any more than I did on the subject, so he just kind sighed, wished me luck, and let me out into the lobby.

I rarely got to go home through out the later half of the week, but when it was all over and I anxiously went up to my apartment, I found a stack of fashion magazines addressed to other tenants at my doorstep. There was no note or indication as to how these magazines had accumulated at my feet, but seeing as how the person who operates the elevator also operates the mailroom, he had made my day.

For the weeks that have followed, my sharpie and I have been having a blast doing model makeovers on our free time:

Life is amazing most of the time and heres some more things I love about it:

feeling like you’ve narrowly escaped a bad situationbeing reminded of old video games you loved growing upeating with fun utensils harmless trespassing

trying to scale walls like in Ninja Gaiden (photo by Alex)

laying your head on someones shoulder

floating in the internet

quirky coffee mugs

the satisfaction of throwing an egg from a short distancesuper dark lipstick

googly eyeing everything; taking indoor shoes out on adventures; being pushed in shopping carts; daytime dates
west coast sunsets

huge cups of coffee

clusters of things…actually the word “clusters” in general

not being afraid to ask for some fashion assistance

seeing old friends at completely unexpected times

the feeling of bare feet against very tight carpetingmy grandmas laugh

Alexs laugh

feeling welcome in new places

cheese on burgers

noodles! for they are eatable squiggly lines

water in glass bottles

warm button up sweaters

finding a new go to hair style

making massive bowls of popcorn

for movie nights!

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