Oh Joy!!

15th March 2012

sticky back googly eyes

doughnut toppings

breaking open exoskeletons

making labels

and then finding places to stick themplant life

The sound of big buttons clanking against each other

Randomly decorated public restrooms

stopping to talk to the cows

Stopping the car to absorb the view outside of the window (or the erie lack thereof)

lattes with a thick foam


creative takes on eggs benedict. (this one was pastrami on challah bread!)

bacon as a desert

photo bumbing

colorful records

  • Alexs ohJoy post!
  • having the door opened for you
  • forehead kisses
  • falling asleep on the couch in the middle of the day and waking up feeling refreshed
  • the first bite of dinner after you haven’t eaten all day
  • saying something silly and just going with it until its funny
  • when a stranger tells you you smell nice
  • stretching first thing in the morning
  • really hot showers
  • the movie Little Children
  • Earl grey bubble tea
  • sneakily sticking your tongue out at people
  • making ugly blobs with watercolor and drawing faces over it
  • using a brand new toothbrush before realizing that you even needed to replace yours

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6 thoughts on “Oh Joy!!

  1. Francine

    At my old job I stuck googly eyes on everything: the phone, the pot my plant was in, my computer mouse, the stapler, pencil sharpener, etc.

    Wonder if they’re still there…

  2. Emilia

    I love u and admire Alex. you two make such a great couple. I fell in love Alex’s work maybe in year 2007 and i have followed him since then. Then i discovered you and your photos and i was in love. again. So when i realized that you guys are together i kinda fell off my chair.

    so keep going, you guys rock!


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