Its a Wish List

14th April 2012

I should stop window shopping on the internet before I create any more imaginary scenarios where these things I want to own may be necessary.

Heres my current wish list.

Top left to bottom right: Inverted black diamond ring by Alex and Chloe which could also probably double as a weapon against very thin glass windows;   Bright white linens filled with the feathers of a goose or mother goose on a bed placed on top of a cold smooth concrete floor;    A pet that could eat me but won’t because it only exists in my imagination where all feral beasts talk like Pauly shore, love humans, and hate tv shows that are over an hour long;    A Makr canvas/ leather bag big enough to hold over 100 packs of Dunkaroos

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5 thoughts on “Its a Wish List

  1. Frank

    The bed looks very comfortable and the ring is super cool. My wish list are much more boring, they generally revolve around camera gear. For instance I really want the lens baby 90mm and the Canon 45mm TS-E, for starters.

  2. Kayla

    Lovin’ that pet, mostly because it makes me laugh and I also dislike it a little out of pure fear. I just saw and bought Dunkaroos over the weekend, how funny that you would mention them here today! I hadn’t had them in YEARS! Yum!

    xo Kayla


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